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HK Fei Hong Industrial Co., Ltd. is an investment company registered in Hong Kong. Its main business is the plastic products and other relevant products. The company began to make an investment in Mainland China in 1995.
It successively invested funds of 50 million RMB since June of 1995, established “Shenzhen Youzhao Industrial Co., Ltd.”
Invested 100 million Hong Kong dollars in June of 2006, established “Huizhou Songa Industrial Co., Ltd.”. It started to operate formally in November of 2008.
Invested one million Hong Kong dollars in November, 2008, registered as “Shenzhen Songa Industrial Co., Ltd.”, which mainly manages the domestic market. Shenzhen Songa and Huizhou Songa have already formed the operation way for both export and domestic sales.

Huizhou Songa Factory
Huizhou Songa occupies a land area of 31,000m2. It has already taken up 19,000m2 and 12,000m2 are reserved for future developments.
The first stage of investment is 36 million RMB to build two factory buildings, one warehouse, one staff`s dormitory building and one cadre`s dormitory building. It meets existing capacity requirement and can accommodate 600 employees (300 employees at present).
Huizhou Songa is located at the west of Dayawan Economical and Technology Development Zone of Huizhou city and adjoins with the petrochemical industry of Zhonghai Shell, which is located at the east of development zone. It only takes 30 minutes to Yantian Port by the coastal highway, these are rare location advantages as it is close to exporting port and the raw materials producing center.